(IUNICO) it is our trade mark for “corporative” uniforms at ISCO. Our mission is to offer to our clients the best alternative of design, price, quality and service so that the personnel of the company projects identity and an excellent institutional image in all the levels of the organizational structure.


Our main objective is to provide to our clients with more than simply the best garments to dress. It is to be able to offer all the services and logistics needed to the delivery anywhere in the world.


We offer our experience in manufacturing any kind of garment, we also can handle stock.


In uniforms we offer integral solutions.



International Sewing Company S.A. de C.V.  /   Elisa 34, Col. Nativitas  /  Delegación Benito Juárez  /  México, D.F.  C.P. 03500  /  Tel. 2595 0260, Fax. 5609 1832